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    HNPSE1000 Transformer Oil Chromatogram

  • Overview

    The HNPSE1000 transformer oil chromatogram online monitoring system can realize automatic quantitative cycle cleaning, oil intake, oil-gas separation, sample analysis, data processing and real-time alarm; it can online monitor the content of fault gases dissolved in oil of oil-immersed type high-voltage electric equipment such as transformer and its growth quickly, and forecast the equipment fault risk information at early stages through the fault diagnosis expert system to avoid equipment accidents and reduce heavy losses, thus improving the reliability of equipment operation. As a new generation product in the field of oil chromatogram online monitoring, the system will provide stable and reliable solution for realizing online remote DGA analysis of the power transformer, which is the powerful guarantee for implementation of status inspection and repair system of the power system.

    Main Features

    • Online monitoring of concentration parameter and growth rate of H2, CO, CO2, CH4, C2H4, C2H6, C2H2 and micro-water, etc.; (N2 and O2 can be monitored when Argon is carrier gas) quantitative cleaning cycle sampling method to really reflect the status of gases dissolved in transformer oil;

    • Safe and reliable oil-gas separation without pollution to eliminate bubbles in oil sample re-injected to the transformer body, and multi-layer insulated oil re-injection (oil return) technology to guarantee that the carrier gas will not be taken into the transformer body;

    • Mature and reliable communication mode and standard network protocol to support remote data transmission;

    • High data acquisition reliability, and oversampling technology Δ - ∑ analog-digital converter with 24-bit resolution and automatic calibration; improved tri-ratio method, David triangulation method and cube diagram to give diagnosis results; various data display and query mode to provide reports and trend charts, with 10-year storage life of historical data;

    • With modular design and high performance embedded processor, suitable for a variety of working environment;

    Technical Indexes

    Working power supply

    AC 220V±10%, 50Hz

    Minimum monitoring cycle

    40-60 minutes, settable by the user, and 24 hours in default

    Sampling mode

    Cycle sampling to safely and really reflect the true condition of the gases in the transformer

    Oil-gas separation mode

    Vacuum degassing

    Data storage life

    ≥ 10 years

    Carrier gas

    Built-in carrier gas unit (maintenance-free design)


    IEC61850/RS485, etc.

    Gas to be monitored

    Measurement range

    Minimum monitoring


    1 ~ 2000 μ l/l

    2μ l/l

    CO and CO2

    5 ~ 5000 μ l/l

    5 μ l/l


    0.1 ~ 2000 μ l/l

    0.1μ l/l


    0.1 ~ 2000 μ l/l

    0.1 μ l/l


    0.1 ~ 2000 μ l/l

    0.1 μ l/l


    0.1 ~ 1000 μ l/l

    0.1 μ l/l


    1 ~ 100 μ l/l

    1μ l/l

    Total hydrocarbon

    1 ~ 8000 μ l/l

    Total gas content

    0.2 ~ 15%

    Stability (measurement deviation)

    The monitoring result deviation of the same oil sample under the same test condition does not exceed 10% (medium concentration)

    Enclosure protection performance

    Indoor mounting part (master station unit) IP51, and outdoor mounting part (this system and communication control unit) IP56

    Overall dimensions

    600mm(W) × 600mm(D) × 1200mm(H) or according to customer requirements

    Total weight